What to Expect
Based on the experiences of over 3,000 clinics worldwide, the Ideal Protein Protocol enables the following:

  • Structured weight loss while supporting muscle mass
  • An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching, lifestyle education and guidance
  • Personalized approach to setting weight loss goals, based on your health profile
  • Losing weight can improve blood sugar, cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure

Ideal Protein Products

Ideal Protein’s unmatched variety of instant, easy-to-prepare and ready-to-serve products are skillfully developed to exacting flavour and texture. Furthermore, Ideal Protein uses only the highest quality protein products in our line of gourmet weight loss products.  

Neda Asli, Protein Weight Loss Coach @ Pharmasave Kitsilano 

pharmasave kitsilano offers

the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program!

Neda Asli
A lifelong wellness and weight loss advocate, Neda McLaren has been working as a certified Ideal Protein weight loss coach for over 3 years at Pharmasave. Neda, a certified pharmacy assistant and acupuncturist, was born and raised in Persia and moved to Vancouver about 20 years ago. Her passion in health and wellness led her to study a combination of eastern and western medicine.  After many years of working in the pharmacy she decided to gain expertise in the field of weight loss. Neda decided to try the Ideal Protein Program before bringing it to the pharmacy. She had great success with the program and became the full time coach for Ideal Protein.

Neda has learned from personal experience that there is no overnight solution to losing weight and believes it requires coach and client teamwork to achieve your goal. It takes emotional and educational support and plenty of motivation from the coach, as well as strength and determination from the client.

Neda is dedicated to her clients and fully supports them on their weight loss journey. She is passionate in helping people achieve their best selves!

To meet with Neda and get started on the path to a healthier you, please email us at: ipkitsilano@gmail.com

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About Ideal Protein

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing two key components:

  1. weight loss
  2. health lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results after dieting

Our protocol has evolved for over 20 years, but was originally developed over two decades ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, who focused his career and research on nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related issues.